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  • Animated Gallery Saver - Saver Maker Edition 2.30

    Mit dem Animated Gallery Saver erstellen Sie Bild- und Text-Prsentationen als Bildschirmschoner auf Wunsch mit Musik/Sound. Zur Animation einzelner
  • Sarah Brightman.s Albums Saver Saver 1

    Shows some of Sarah Brightman.s Albums flying in space. There is a fake album there for you to look out for too. If you don.t know Sarah Brightman,
  • Create-A-Saver Screen Saver 1.8.4

    A screen saver that uses images of your friends, family, Vacation, or anything you can think of to display while running. Add images, sound, text,
  • RAM Saver Pro 16.4

    Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster. It increases the operation system performance by making more memory
  • Web Saver 1.1

    Bring web information to you whenever the screen saver starts. No more constant checking of websites just to find no new contents added.For example,
  • Changes Saver 1.0

    Changes Saver is intended for saving the files modification history. At each file modification, its copy, that is its version, gets created. A user
  • CO2 Saver 1.0.0

    As seen on Good Morning America and The New York Times, CO2 Saver adjusts your computer's power settings to automatically save as much energy as
  • Saver 2.1.0

    The handy program Saver is capable of saving your work at your specified time. It is very easy to use; you just have to specify the title of
  • FX Saver 2.0c

    Easily create your own screen saver FX Saver helps you to create your own professional screen saver using your favorite images and background
  • ESU Saver 1.0

    The Screensaver with ESU Logos was developed by Susan Adam and Brad Nagel as a term project in the CS552 Software Engineering course offered by the
  • EZ Saver 2.4

    Creates screensavers and slideshows from your images, sounds and movies. Smooth, automatic animation effects make images come to life as they float
  • Tab Saver 1.1.4

    Many times we need to just restore the original set of tabs/URLs we were browsing in the previous session. Or may be want to undo the closing of 1 or
  • GraFX Saver Pro 4.01

    GraFX Saver Pro makes it easy to create professional screen savers in record time! The software supports over 20 image and video formats! It also
  • Password Saver 4.1.1

    The way you keep your passwords will determine how secure you will really be. There are chances that you will need to use passwords in various places,
  • Webcam Saver

    Webcam Saver will turn you into a special time traveler, where you will be able to go to distant places within seconds. Now, do not start thinking of
  • Alpha Key Saver

    Alpha Key Saver lets you easily insert commonly used text into any application. Text replies are stored in a database for easy re-use so you can add
  • Autumn Saver 2.10.0510

    AutumnSaver adds animated autumn landscapes and mushrooms to your computer breaks. The background is randomly generated with each program start, so
  • screenux saver 1.0

    Take pleasure in having this amazing screensaver on your computer. This screensaver shows on your screen various 3D shapes (polyhedrons) rotating and
  • Love Saver 1.0

    However successful you may seem to be, your life will remain drier than an engine without oil if it is devoid of love. Now you can enhance your
  • My Screen Saver 2.03

    Have you ever wanted to design your very own, personalized Windows screen saver? Now you can build one, adding your favorite graphic images, words of
  • Tao Screen Saver 3.0

    Inspirational screen saver with quotes & images from the "Tao Te Ching" (the world's most translated book, after the Bible). Interactive quote
  • PTI Screen Saver 1.0

    A screensaver presenting PTI International activities in Atlanta GA
  • MHT Quick Saver 3.23

    The program provides instant saving of any web page on view in Microsoft Internet Explorer and in any of the formats supported by Explorer formats.
  • Flash Saver 6.50

    Flash Saver fulfills the requirements of saving Flash animations on hard disk. It enables you to classify downloaded Flash files into categories and
  • My Little Note Saver 1.7

    My Little Note Saver is personal information manager which saves you time, allowing you to keep your notes and data at the brief distance of a click.
  • Art of War Screen Saver 1.0

    Scenes of ancient China and quotes from Sun Tzu's "Art of War". Around 2,000 years ago, China was in turmoil. A series of wars left the leaders in
  • Psychedelix Saver II 1.0

    Psychedelix.com's brand new, true trippy screensaver. It uses DirectX, has an unique background music which can be turned on/off and lets you fly and
  • ie quick saver 1.3

    IE Quick Saver help you to save the web page into the format you want with a mouse click. Normaly in IE when you want save a web page, you should
  • Aloaha PDF Saver 6.0.15

    Who has not come across the situation: You complete a PDF form in Acrobat Reader and when it comes to saving your data, nothing happens. Or worse: You
  • Monitor Saver 2008

    Monitor Saver is a clever tool to save your money,power,monitor and our earth! It's not a screen saver.Because it can power off your monitor
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  • Stop Screen Saver 1.00

    Have you ever wanted to stop your screen saver from running during that all important presentation? Do you have restricted access to your computer and you are not allowed to disable the screen saver yourself? Have you
  • Aone Screen Saver Expert 3.5.1

    Screen saver Expert is powerful and easy for making your own screen saver. You can easily add any pictures (.jpg,.gif,.bmp,.png,.tif,.tga or .pcx ) and import music (.mp3,.midi or .wav) to your screen saver project,
  • Snowflake Screen Saver 3.0

    Snowflake Screen saver is an animated screen saver that features stunning images of Winter while snow falls over each scene. Included with the screen saver is 10 Christmas songs that play in the background during the
  • Radsoft ScreenSaverControl

    This was written because I wanted a quick way to turn on and off the screen saver. I like having a screen saver but some take up quite a bit a processing power that I sometimes need to reserve for compiling. When
  • WeiserWare Screen Saver Manager 1.02

    The WeiserWare Screen saver Manager lets you manage your screen saver collection from one convenient location. The Screen saver Manager enables you to run a random screen saver when Windows activates your screen
  • Screen-saver Suspender 1.00

    When your computer is very busy, you don't want the screen-saver to activate. For example, when it's doing a backup, defragmenting the drive, burning a CD-ROM, or when you're playing a high-performance game, such as
  • Ayeline GL Saver 3.1

    Ayeline GL saver is an OpenGL screen saver for Windows, which is able to exploit external engines to draw beautiful graphics. Using GL saver you have as many screen savers in one, as you like. Don't forget to visit our
  • Novel Flash Screen Saver 3.5

    This program is a screen saver that plays a Flash movie of your choice. You can select a Flash movie from your hard disk or from the internet. The number of possibilities is simply unlimited. If you don't have a Flash
  • Visual screen saver builder 1.11

    Visual Screen saver Builder 2001 is an easy screen saver create and distribute tool . We provide 127 effect styles , 71 picture shapes , 26 background Gradient fill type ! And I could also add my information into my
  • XED Flash Screensaver Creator 2.0 build 2.0.1

    XED Flash Screensaver Creator is a tool to convert swf file to be Flash Screen saver file.The flash screen saver can be EXE format or SCR format file.You can set the methods to wake up the flash screen saver and set your
  • ControlSS 1.4.2

    Control Screen saver is an easy to use all-in-one screen saver utility that lets you easily control your screen savers with a simple click of the mouse. You can launch, choose, configure, randomize, enable and disable
  • MyScreenSaver Builder 1.1

    Build your own screen saver in a few moments! You can even make setup program and share screen saver with family, friends as a reminder of a good time. MyScreen saver is also an image viewer, workstation lock and
  • FlipSS -

    This utility lets you change the screen-saver state (it will stop the screen saver if its running when the program switches the state to off), and manually start the screen saver. It might be useful if you're burning
  • 3D Starfield ScreenSaver 2.1.0

    You do not necessarily have to play a game in order to enjoy watching special space ships. You can simply use Starfield Screen saver to be able to enjoy the sight of a great spaceship as it cruises among the stars. This
  • Nautica Screensaver 1.0a

    Welcome to the "Nautica" Screen saver home PaGE. "Nautica" features the striking Marine art of Danny Hahlbohm. From ships to seascapes, you'll enjoy this beautiful CloudEight screen saver. To enhance your enjoyment of
  • Streams and Waterfalls Screen Saver 1.0

    Screen saver with beautiful Images of Streams and Waterfalls by Chris Humphreys.It's powered by a first-class 32-bit Screen-saver engine with plenty of options. Select the duration between images in seconds or minutes,
  • Stardust Screen Saver Control 2003

    Stardust Screen saver Control 2003 is a free taskbar accessory that lets you launch and configure all your screen savers. Launch the default screen saver with a single click, or easily enable/disable it. Select from a
  • Computer Screen Saver 8.10.09

    computer screen saver 'computer screen saver' includes 5 screensavers. 'computer screen saver' is compiled of the customizable features that can be configured to set the work time, break time and even set your
  • Execute Screen Saver utility 1.1

    The Execute Screen saver Utility allows you to configure your favorite screen saver to not only save your screen and entertain you, but to perform whatever useful tasks you desire. Now you can execute multiple programs
  • Active Screen Saver DevKit 3.0

    Convert Multimedia and Web Content Into a Screen saver Including setup for distribution. Active Screen saver DevKit easily converts existing Internet and multimedia content into a screen saver while producing a
  • Office Saver 1.01

    Simply select a predefined or custom text from a popup menu on the Icon Tray and the screen saver will immediately launch with this text. Office saver also supports all screen saver settings, including
  • Screen Saver Builder - multi license or business use 5.2

    Screen saver builder is a screen saver program that shows pictures from folder you select. It is your own screen saver slide show! program can also play sound files(MP3, WAV, MID). program has options like pictures size
  • Zass4u 1.1.1

    zass4u uses, what is for screen savers, a unique method to accomplish its tasks. Unlike other screen savers, program software is not included within the distributable screen savers. zass4u is a data driven screen saver.
  • Acuna Screen Saver Builder 2

    Acuna Screen saver Builder (ASSB) is an utility of creating screen saver of Windows by yourself, ASSB can help you create a very attractive screensaver in 10 seconds! You can make a compact, single file, self-installed
  • FX Saver 2.0c

    Easily create your own screen saver FX saver helps you to create your own professional screen saver using your favorite images and background sounds easily. Incorporated with a simple and intuitive control panel
  • Halloween 99 Screen Saver 1.0

    This screen saver is based on original graphics used in our popular Halloween Stationery for Outlook Express. This customizable screen saver lets you view this beautiful screen saver the way you want. Created by
  • Corner-wall Screen saver 1.0

    Corner-wall Screen saver 1.0 is one kind of screen saver which can works on your desktop. Just select a place to install it anywhere on your computer and you will be able to view it. This screen saver shows a wall. It is
  • Screen Saver Control 1.61

    Manage the screen saver and monitor power off This is a small utility that allows deactivate or activate both screen saver and monitor power off with a simple click. It can launch the screen saver or power off the
  • Screen Saver Maker 1.1

    Easy to use screen saver maker. You can add pictures, movies, flash animation files, background music, text and banners to your screen saver. Furthermore, you can build window standard screen saver file(SCR) or
  • Site License for System ScreenSaver 2.x

    Run any program as a screen-saver This small and simple software allows one effortlessly to run any DOS commands, or applications during the time that one would normally run the Windows built-in screen-saver. For